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Mapping My Life For Change  

Mapping My Life For Change

Have you heard the expression; “If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll probably end up somewhere else”?

Imagine being able to find your Personal Power, Purpose and Passion in one place!

Have you ever been in a situation, where you were determined to take ACTION and DOUBT and/or OVERWHELM got in the way?

What would it mean to you, if you had a Personal Life Coach ‘on tap’ 24/7?

It takes COURAGE to take ACTION.




What is your life’s pattern?
How often do you start, stop, start and stop something in your life? Do your great ideas never get off the ground? Can you make choices? As simple as – Chocolate or Vanilla


Do your ACTIONS, about making a choice and having DOUBT = raising doubts about the choice, that so much so there is a constant toing and froing?


How much of this has an impact and I am sure it has had a bigger influence in YOUR life ‘up until now’ than you may realise.


In our Coaching practise we have always taken a holistic approach to coaching with our clients, so it seemed a natural progression to create a tool with a ‘whole of life’ approach to help others create the magic in their lives. So we finally had the courage to produce a LIFEMAP (Vision Board) for your personal inspirational journey, which we believe will be an exciting trip.

It takes enormous courage to STOP and spend time on yourself. To really consider what your intentions are for all areas of your life.

We believe Albert Einstein was right. There are only two emotions. Love and Fear.
Love comes in many forms – from passionate love of someone or something and/or high enthusiasm. It’s the cheer squad within us that is either encouraging ourselves or cheering for someone else.
Fear has many disguises too. It is different for everyone. It can be a feeling of overwhelm, self-doubt or simply avoidance.  Sometimes fear is disguised and shown as anger. This can be reflected especially when we are feeling unsafe or threatened. We tend to hide our fear and use anger as our weapon.

MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE gives you the tools to remove your fear and take you from DOUBT to ACTION.
It finds your hidden courage. We all have been courageous at some point in our lives though for many of us our courage can often remain hidden.

Our experience teaches us that when we have a step by step action plan doubt and or overwhelm is removed so there is clarity which leads to ACTION!
How can your courage:
* Motivate you to take control of your own destiny?
* Turn 2016 into the year having you unlock your potential!
* Impact your personal Power, Passion and Purpose!
* Inspire your talents and skills to align with career or business aspirational goals!



Did you know:
1. You are responsible for all that you say and do.
2. The most powerful voice you have is what you say to yourself and you believe.
3. The two attributes others expect from you are the high level of trust and confidence you have in yourself.

At Coaching College our expert and qualified Career Transition Coaches and Counsellors provide guidance and support to executives, senior managers, supervisors and team leaders who are considering any transitions from their current role to a different career or employment.
We work with you to create your career and/or business aspirational goals become your reality.

It is a unique diagnostic tool is a holistic whole of life approach to the 8 areas of your life.
It measures where you are now and where you intend to be.

You choose the timeframe and make the choices to make this happen.


The power, passion and purpose is within you to make the difference to your:
   * Family Relationships
   * Working relationships
   * Health and Well being
   * Wealth
   * Career options
   * Business
   * Community involvement
   * Spirituality

How do you create your personal Vision Board?
Simply answer a set of questions, then select the relevant symbols/anchors that reflect your answers.
These symbols/anchors are then placed on the colourful Vision Board to become your visual reminder.

We recommend you hang your Vision Board in a prominent place in either your home or office space.
This will ensure your Vision Board is in constant view for your brain to go searching for the solutions to ensure your intentions on your Vision Board become your reality.
By taking time to create your personal MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE this will provide an opportunity for you to:
1. Create your personal Brand and prepare yourself for your next exciting challenge
2. Determine the aspect of your life you intent to accelerate (prioritise your plan and then focus on the first steps to make it happen)
3. Align your skills sets, develop the best strategy for your personal situation
4. Develop your personal and career goals that match your aspirations
5. Understand what success looks like for yourself
6. Develop strategies to negotiate your own success in the marketplace. 


 is a diary in action and has the intention to support your thinking regarding your choices for long, short and immediate term goals across all areas of your life.

This has been purposely designed to establish your long, short and immediate term goals. It creates an opportunity for you to reflect on your past, contemplate your future to ensure you are in control of your destiny with your required daily actions. You can now create without judgement, inspire your personal reflection, influence your own thoughts and decisions and involve yourself in actions with clear intentions.

Hold the thought: ACTIONS + DOUBT = COURAGE!

MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE action plan and diary is the first step is to ensure there is a solid foundation for your decisions to set yourself up for success.
So NOW there is one place for your thoughts, feelings and actions. How Does MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE work? This has great relevance to MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE. How often do we take time to plan our holiday? How long do we take to plan a wedding? This is an opportunity for you to have a snapshot of your actions in all facets of your life.

What does the word change trigger within you?
Does it stir the full gamut of emotions from fear and anxiety to excitement and passion?
We believe that change = learning and once we learn something change happens.


The first step is to ensure you set aside a guaranteed space of uninterrupted time of at least one hour to get yourself started. We know you will be amazed, excited, delighted and surprised as you create your plan for MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE. We have provided the structure for a solid foundation and for you to personalize your Vision Board. There is a balance between structure and options so everyone’s lifestyle can be easily incorporated.

Imagine for a moment that you were one of the early explorers and the only tools available were the stars and the land to guide you on your journey. Is it any wonder that early explorers did not know where they would end up. Here is a tool that can work as a compass to keep your life on PURPOSE. (You may still want to consult the stars if you are into astrology!)
Let us look at what Mapping MY LIFE for Change is by working through each section one at a time.

Life can be defined as an accumulation of our personal experiences. We all have filters through which we view the world and all our information is received by us via our 7 senses. It is how we interpret this information either how we hear, think, feel, see, touch, taste and/or smell the information that we make meaningful to us. Mapping can be defined as a means of visually describing the characteristics of a specific area or location and then use the current information to build a plan for our future actions. It then follows that
Mapping MY LIFE for Change is a visual compass which describes future personal experiences in the 8 major areas of our life.

Or, if you can remember a time that you were planning a holiday? You are on the plane, in the car or on the train and after three hours of travelling you suddenly realise that you had forgotten some important luggage. What is your immediate thought/feeling reaction? Is it a feeling of being overwhelmed or thinking… great I can buy myself some new things?


Do you stop and check? Do you refuse to acknowledge your intuition and keep going? Mapping MY LIFE for Change? will act as a compass and create the map to set your direction. It provides you with the tools to ‘check-in’ with your own progress. We believe creating, is in the doing and following on from this philosophy.


We have created a ‘doing book’. You can use coloured pens, you can select and stick picture symbols and generally enjoy yourself as you discover and clarify your actions and intentions for your Life’s Purpose. This is simply a compass not an obligation. Take your time.
And the best part is… you do not need to have any pre-set plans, thoughts or ideas as to what it is you really want in your life!


It is designed to allow your normal decision making processes to be applied directly to life planning. Are you choosing Chocolate or Vanilla? You can ONLY have one. All you need to do is read the question and go with your initial response or answer as you normally would. Some responses may be easy whilst others may seem to be huge undertakings. Some may be pressingly urgent, others important yet not urgent, some answers may amaze, surprise, delight and excite you as you complete the Discovery Phase. In every case your responses will be relevant to you Living my Life ON PURPOSE!

This ‘doing book’ involves a Discovery Phase and a Design Phase.


In the Discovery Phase you complete a discovery sheet by marking boxes which describe your response to a set of questions. There is no right or wrong answer and no scoring.
Both phases focus on 8 key areas to assist you to live YOUR Life ON PURPOSE.
   1. Self and Wellbeing focuses on creating your ‘PURPOSE’ in your personal life, including your personal health.
   2. Home and Family focuses on creating the ‘ideal’ relationships in all aspects of your life.
   3. Career and Business focuses on creating your ‘PURPOSE’ for your working environments.
  4. Community and Spirituality, a broad area which begins outside your front door and encompasses your contribution to the world and your spiritual connection.

The Centre connects and influences all areas. The inner you which we call the essence of Being or Living on PURPOSE. Others may know it as the Unconscious, the SELF and/or the Spirit.No matter what this Centre is called, we have all experienced its presence from the involuntary beating of our heart through to flashes of insight, intuition and the serendipity some call coincidence!


How do I design and clarify LIVING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE?
There are only your responses and every response is relevant to you at that time. Having completed the Discovery Phase, you move to the Design Phase which involves creative fun. Here you choose picture symbols to match your responses made in the Discovery Phase.


You place the picture symbols on the Mapping MY LIFE for Change Vision Board to record your answers in the pictures to create a clear picture for Living my Life ON PURPOSE!
Is it that simple, is that all I have to do? Yes! Daily, we live our life by making decisions based on logic and analysis, insight and ashes of intuition. Whilst some people are analytically based in their decision making, others use a more intuitive method. The use of picture symbols gives a graphic key to the decisions you have made. When placed within the MAPPING MY LIFE FOR CHANGE format they combine to give a clear picture (a compass and map) for Living my Life ON PURPOSE! The circular nature of Mapping MY LIFE for Change demonstrates the fullness and balance of life.


What you get:

  • Mapping My Life for Change Planner
  • Mapping My Life for Change A2 Vision Board
  • Mapping My Life for Change Stickers



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