What does it mean to be successful? For today’s high-achieving women, success is more than breaking barriers and achieving their professional goals. Success is about how they get there, too.

As high-achieving women approach their careers and their lives, they’re factoring in 5 key themes: agency, authenticity, connection, self-clarity, and wholeness.

The 5 themes are woven into the career decisions and leadership styles of women leaders. Collectively, the themes reveal deeper, more complex images of successful women and offer insight for women who are navigating their leadership journey.

1. Agency is about taking control of your career. It is about being your own pilot and feeling as if you’re shaping your job, your leadership style, and your life.

2. Authenticity is being genuine, and being yourself.

Authenticity comes from finding your style, your way of leading. By developing self-awareness, you gain clarity about your values, preferences, and skills. 

3. Connection involves a focus on relationships. A desire for closer friendships and family ties drove many of the goals, choices, and decisions of the women。

4. Self-clarity comes from understanding your values, motivations, and behaviors. It’s the desire to have a greater sense of self. The search for self-clarity motivated many of the women to continue their own growth and development.

5. Wholeness represents the desire to seek roles beyond work or to unite different life roles into an integrated whole. Wholeness is about setting priorities and valuing all your commitments. It’s about saying no to roles or obligations that no longer serve you.

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