To truly drive innovation and stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world, studies show that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams when led inclusively and that firms deliver better financial results when they have women on their corporate boards.

We’ve outlined three ways of how to build the next generation of women leaders:

1. Improve recruitment and hiring

2. Sponsor and mentor women to support career progression and improve retention

3. Clear away barriers preventing the ascent of women executives

Companies need to work for greater diversity in succession planning and to prepare women for these kinds of roles. To ensure that women can rise on their merits and in accordance with the requirements of the job, succession planning has three key areas for improvement:

  • Preference. Counteract the bias for search teams to promote people who look just like them.
  • Tradition. Break the pattern of hiring leaders with the same background and profile as previous leaders.
  • Requirements. Promote and appoint leaders based on the specific skill sets of what the leadership role requires for the success of the company.

As top executives support and prepare the right individuals for the right roles, more women will rise to the occasion to join the leadership ranks with more opportunities, as well as the knowledge that they are welcome.

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