FAST TRACK to Leadership:
Fearless Leadership Essentials for New & Emerging Leaders

2 Day Workshop: Leadership Essentials to Establish your Leadership Brand and Style to Lead Effectively

Achieving a new leadership position can be both rewarding and challenging whether you are new to a department, a company, or just received a promotion. This new position acknowledges that you are someone who can make a difference, lead others and get things done. Instantly it also brings more responsibilities and greater visibility of your actions as others watch you closely to understand your leadership style. You aspire to make a great first impression in this new or emerging position. It’s more important to you now to QUICKLY learn leadership essentials to establish your leadership brand and style, gain more confidence, and lead effectively.

If are stepping into leadership or planning to adopt a fresh approach to leadership then FEARLESS Leadership Essentials is a powerful FAST TRACK to Leadership 2 day program designed specifically for YOU!

Underpinned by Neuro Linguistic Principles, in only 2 days you will learn essential strategies for managing and leading team members effectively to enhance their performance and how to meet the challenges of new and emerging leaders. This simulated workspace creates the perfect environment for you to test and practise new knowledge, identify what works and what doesn?t, and establish your own personal leadership style and brand.


About ‘Fearless Leadership for New & Emerging Leaders’

In only 2 days you will explore CUTTING EDGE methods and strategies using Coaching College’s The Lead PrincipleTM 5R Leadership Framework to quickly establish your leadership style, put new knowledge into practice, and lead effectively. Harness your abilities as a new and emerging leader by exploring fundamental leadership techniques and strategies forged by great influential leaders of our time. Add value and know-how to build your project and workplace culture to take you and your organisation to your destination.

Fine tune your leadership skills and Gain Confidence to Become a FEARLESS Leader.

Topics Explored in this Program:

The Lead PrincipleTM 5R Framework (Recruiting, Retaining, Relationships, Reskilling, and ROI) are critical factors for successful workplace culture across YOUR organisation.

5 Steps all New and Emerging Leaders MUST know:

  • Recruit: Engage your team and other relevant stakeholders with your vision as their leader ? Our strategies work! regardless of whether you have the opportunity to select your team or the team was allocated to you. Either way, as the team?s new leader it is crucial that you engage their hearts and minds so that they will be inspired and influenced to follow you.
  • Relationships: How easy is it for people to work with you and how easy is it for you to work with others? Can you be trusted? Learn the key signs and signals you can demonstrate as a leader to validate this?
  • Retain: Just because the company chose you as a leader, is your team inspired to follow you? Identify your style to lead and manage effectively.
  • Reskill: What does success look like for you/your team? Do you/your team have the skills to deliver this?
  • Return on Investment: This is for both you as a leader and for your company?s investment in their business. Secondly, it is to ensure that you and your team reach specific goals and expected deliverables.


Who is this Program for?
  • Emerging Department and Project Leaders
  • New to your leadership role
  • New to Project Management


This course is designed for people who are stepping into leadership or planning to adopt a fresh approach to leadership. It is intended to provide a clear set of skills, behaviours and principles that form the basis for effective leadership and create a healthy cooperative culture and a platform to lead in new directions.


2 days: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm daily


  • Create your ‘Leadership Brand and Story’.
  • Confidently create your personalised ?Road Map? to begin your ?Leadership Career? Path.
  • Understand the distinction between Appraisal and Performance.
  • Develop your skills to negotiate and solve a current business dilemma by engaging all relevant stakeholders.
  • Understand and know how you can develop links to your existing leadership development program with the strategic directions and culture change required within your team and your organisation.
  • Know the WHY, WHAT and HOW of modelling Safety Leadership.
  • Understand leadership as an observable set of skills and abilities that inspires and influences people.
  • Earn PDU points towards your Project Management currency. More about PDU currency:
  • Pre-work 360 diagnostic to know where you are and where you want to be on your leadership path.


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